Getting Your Best Result When Hunting Season Is In

Hunting Season Results

Actually there are many ways to hunt, as with nets, lines or air guns, but this time we will discuss hunting season using a pellet gun. To hunt we should use pellets that remains stable in the wind rather strong, given that the animal is in the area of ​​rice fields. The right time is when the morning and evening, but during the dry season and the water started a little would be much better to do at night, because the birds will flock to where the water is left, but it still will not be easy because they also have night vision very good.

The victim is a bird that cannot fly high, but they are aviators fairly agile and the most severe and they are also divers tough, so do not be surprised if when it has pressed a sudden they disappeared in this hunting season, it is because they actually dive into the water, and they can hold his breath in a very long time.

To chase it will be better if we wear clothing that color is almost the same as the rice field conditions at the time, if just harvested then we wear beige, if the state of the rice plants are young we used the color green. Use headgear, most still wear a nice hat and using a face mask that is invisible to the targets.

We point to a target in the chest, heart or head, and do not be surprised if you have to feel about them but they are still vague in hunting season. They actually die but do not die on the spot, so to speak looking for a place to die. Usually they are still able to walk up 5 to 10 meters unless you are right about in the cache of the neck or head.

If the rifle is ready we hold the rifle, do not be in place on the shoulder wear the rope, so that the target looks we have to be ready to shoot for loose very agile. Then we walk on the dike with a look at the area of ​​rice fields, as it looks like they will run dodge left or right, we follow slowly until they stop, after they stop immediately in hunting season.

Squirrel is mammal needle hated by farmers of fruits. Why? It is because squirrels often damage the fruit that is ready for harvest. Therefore, it is not wrong if we intend and undertake pest eradication squirrel with the aim of helping farmers to slightly ease the burden of suffering crop failures caused by the act of the squirrel.

Prior to hunt squirrels, we must understand our true enemy Habits (squirrel), Squirrel is an animal who more active in weather that is shady and very uncomfortable in hot weather or during the day. Usually they will eat in the morning at about 6 am until 11 at noon at hunting season but it does not deny the hours in bright sunlight.

In the heat a squirrel is still hanging around but not as much as in the morning, and squirrels will be spending time at noondays in the nest, and about 4 pm they were out of the nest to find food back. Conclusion, if we want to have hunted, take advantage of that a lot of morning and evening time to slaughter them.

It has become a routine for the squirrel hunters in hunting location in the morning or very early morning. Yes, it means the risk of the journey when Area dawn is low. In addition to utilizing the mornings and afternoons at hunting season to hunt squirrels, there are tricks and tips for hunting squirrels, I’ll explain tips on hunting squirrels in my experience.

  1. Vision squirrels are very sharp, therefore use a dark colored costumes that which can be camouflaged well in regions where hunting squirrels.

  2. Not unlike the case of hearing squirrels, hearing squirrel is very sharp. Try to hunt squirrels with not much make sounds that can inform our existence which will result null or no result.

  3. Do not hunt squirrels in the plantations area that there are no fruit trees as favorite of squirrel.

  4. Prepare weapons such as rifles with a good start zeroing, bullets, etc. in hunting season.

  5. When shooting, keep as calm as possible and be as sure as would be the point vital of squirrels such as the head or a part of the front leg. Besides, you can squirrel on the front legs to the bottom, then usually squirrels can still run even if eventually die too.

If all the preparations have been very good, then it depends hockey clincher number of hunted us. Back to the problem of squirrels, chipmunks besides harming the squirrels are also many benefits, such as to be used as medicine diabetes, diabetic, was also said to prevent cancer in hunting season. Squirrels killed right after we continue to take advantage of what we can take. If only our intention to hunt and kill the squirrels in my opinion it is very wasteful thing because squirrels will throw away. My experience after hunting squirrels squirrel, we thought as the food is also beneficial for the prevention of many diseases.