How Long is the Average Las Vegas Strip Walks Time?

how long is the las vegas strip

How Long is the Average Las Vegas Strip Walks Time?

You want to know how long is the average Las Vegas strip? The answer might surprise you! In order to stay in one of the most popular destinations in the world, you have to be willing to tolerate a lot of noise and action. It’s part of what makes Las Vegas a sought-after tourist destination in the first place — but it can be exhausting.

The famous Las Vegas Strip is lined with elegant casino hotels, many of which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to stay in. Not only do the hotels provide luxurious accommodations and easy access to their numerous casinos (some of which are not even on the Strip), but they also offer a great deal of entertainment and dining options as well. Along with gambling, the vast, hotel-lined complex also houses all sorts of shops, restaurants, and performance venues for live entertainment, comedy, and circus-type acts. attractions like the soaring, synchronized Fountains of Bellagio are crowd-pullers for tourists and locals alike. And the hotel-branded shops and restaurants that litter the Strip are the perfect places to experience some of the most amazing shopping and eating in the world.

But even staying in one of the hotel Strip’s hotels can be exhausting. After all, not much of the “Vegas Strip” is open to the public at night. The hotels and casinos close up shop at night, so the main attractions, which are usually nightly entertainment shows, are shut off to visitors. A visitor who wants to wander the Las Vegas Strip during the day can quickly become lost in the masses of traffic and hotels. That’s why a good understanding of how long the Vegas Strip actually is necessary before deciding on which hotel to stay at.

The Strip really stretches from west to east – just about from Fremont Street to north of Las Vegas Boulevard. The hotels that dot the strip are located in various parts of this huge “construction zone”. The hotel that stands at the western edge of the strip is the Bellagio, which opened in January 2021. Seven years later, the hotel changed owners and became a joint venture between MGM Resorts International and the Venetian Casino Hotel. The newer Venetian is the building that you actually see in the midst of the Strip.

So the “average” Vegas Strip is indeed a very long one. And while it can be entertaining for Vegas locals for days on end, it can also be a very exhausting experience for visitors. Just picture trying to walk from one of the hotels on the Strip to one of its neighbor’s hotels – it would be nearly impossible.

Another problem with visiting the Strip as a visitor is the traffic – or lack thereof. It seems like no matter how long you are out on the strip, you will have to take a detour every now and then to get to some place that you want to be. This is because the area is so large. And it is not uncommon to find that some of the roads that the Vegas Strip uses are very close to other major roads. Add in the problems with the often crowded and congested highway and you’ve got yourself a travel nightmare.

When you consider all of this, you might start to ask yourself how the average Vegas Strip actually measures up. Well, it would probably be difficult to give a precise answer. But you can at least get a good idea of how long it takes to get from one of the hottest spots of the Strip to a hotel in the other parts.

For some, their trip to Las Vegas is akin to a dream come true. For others it is more of an annoyance. If you are visiting Las Vegas for any reason, you should make your hotel reservations as soon as possible. You can save yourself a lot of time by knowing how long is the average Vegas strip walk time.