How Many People Live in Las Vegas?

How many people live in Las Vegas? This question has been bothering many people over the years as the “tallest building” phenomenon continues to loom above the gambling resorts. The question of how many people live in Las Vegas is not easily answered because there are too many people and far too many places to count. One thing we can say about Las Vegas is that it is a people’s city, which means people of all races, religions, creeds and backgrounds live and work here. However, this is also a place filled with very good things: great food, world-class gambling, some of the best shows in the world, countless shows, tons of shopping, tons of people going different places, tons of cars going down the highway, pollution and so much more.

how many people live in las vegas

The answer to the question above about how many people live in Las Vegas can only be accounted by asking locals, tourists, folks who visit Vegas every now and then, and folks who frequent the strip. It is no secret that the people who frequent Las Vegas stay there for at least a week. They cannot get enough of the excitement and the shopping and they will go there every chance they get. A truly honest assessment would be – how many times a year do you go to Las Vegas? I’m guessing you’ve done it at least once or twice.

Some people are lucky enough to be able to bring their families and friends with them when they go. These people count their family members and friends as their number one concern when they travel to Las Vegas. When they talk about how many people live in Las Vegas, they usually use the same number as the ones who see it on a regular basis. They are probably right. If you count your family and friends among your visitors, then you might be right too.

But does that answer tell us how many people live in Las Vegas? Or how many of those people are tourists? Or how many are retired folks who took a trip out to check out the fun. Or how many are college kids looking to party? Or how many of us average Joes just looking to have a good time? The real question is – how many of us do you suppose actually live in Las Vegas?

Now some of you may be thinking that this is a bogus question since it presupposes that you are actually out here in Las Vegas. And so you would think that if you have more than one question, then the best answer would be “none”. After all Vegas is just an empty place. There would be so many empty shells. So one would have to conclude that Vegas is all a fantasy, right?

Not any more, my friend. Here is the secret, how many people actually live in Las Vegas. The secret is… well… there are a lot of people in Vegas. But not all of those people are on the strip. Some are in Vegas as employees, some are middle class citizens (like you and I) and some of us (you and I) are visiting from out of town.

When we go out of town, we want to see the show, we want to gamble a little, but mostly we just want to be left alone to enjoy our stay. So many people do not really like the idea of not seeing “the show.” As such, when we go out of town, we see all kinds of other people. Some of them are our friends from back home, others are our service guys or mechanics from out of town (no, I’m not talking about meth-heads).

So how many people live in Las Vegas? Well, it’s hard to say, because no one knows the real number. I’d say around seventy to eight, maybe even ninety or so. So, if you decide to take a Vegas vacation, have a blast. Just don’t get caught up in counting your money!