How To Get Married In Las Vegas Without A Wedding Date

how to get married in las vegas

How To Get Married In Las Vegas Without A Wedding Date

Getting married in Las Vegas, Nevada may be your dream. It offers a glamorous setting for romance. It’s also the gambling capital of the world so you can really have fun and have some luck when you get married in Vegas. Unfortunately, many misunderstandings and mistakes are made when planning a wedding in Las Vegas. So here’s how to get married in las Vegas.

-You need a marriage license. While you can get married without a marriage license, it’s illegal to do so. Marriage license applications can be picked up at any county office and can take several hours to process. Marriage license applications are available online through the State or County offices and can be picked up at the nearest office during regular business hours. You should apply right away if you plan on getting married in las Vegas.

-You don’t have to get married on the day of the event. Most hotels have a guest registry where people can register to be contacted by the hotel staff if they need to use the facilities. If you don’t have a guest registry, then you can go to the front desk at the hotel and ask to be put on the list. Be sure to bring a copy of your photo ID with you as well. Most hotels will also require you to fill out a form that states that you’re a non-smoker, or that you don’t smoke.

-You can’t get married on the day of your wedding. You have to actually fill out the Application for Marriage License in Las Vegas. There are a couple of different types of documents you need to provide: a completed application form, a completed marriage license (if you don’t already have one), or two forms of identification, one copy of your current address and the other copy of your new address. You’ll need to fill out the application in longhand on the bottom and on the top. The photocopier at the county office should allow you to do this quickly and easily.

-You can call your local or state marriage license bureau for instructions. However, because everything is done online, you’ll probably be waiting a week or so before you can actually go down to the regional justice center to get your marriage license. The process usually takes two weeks. Also, if your request is approved, then you’ll get an email that says to send a payment form via credit card.

-You can pay a fee for a certified copy of your marriage license. This can be done by visiting your regional justice center or the Clark County Clerk’s Office. In some cases, a certified copy can only be issued if you also have a copy of the marriage certificate. If so, then this option is for you. Just remember to bring the original certificate with you when you apply for how to get married in las Vegas.

-You can also make use of the services of an online site. However, the one issue you might face is not getting a copy of your marriage certificate. After all, this is a service that is meant to provide you with the information you need on how to get married in las Vegas. Plus, most sites require you to pay for a membership in order to access their services. This means that you’ll be charged a one-time fee.

-You can always visit the office of the Clerk of the court in your area. This is usually a free service for people who are above 18 years old. However, if you’re below this age, you will have to get married in the presence of a legal adult. Plus, you’ll have to present a copy of your fiance’s birth certificate, which is also required when applying for how to get married in las Vegas. This method usually guarantees you a legal, binding and beautiful wedding date.