Las Vegas Tourist Destinations

With the discovery of Las Vegas as being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States, more people are planning to visit the gambling mecca each year. Las Vegas is indeed a traveler’s paradise. It has everything from casinos, live entertainment, restaurants and luxury hotels, to recreational options for those who want to take a break from the glitz and glamor. The city boasts over 14 million visitors a year, and the official estimate puts its revenue at somewhere between a half-billion and one billion dollars. All these people and organizations, no matter what their motivation, are trying to find out where is Las Vegas.

where is las vegas

Las Vegas was incorporated inVDVA as a region thirty years ago and has quickly become a part of Americana. The traffic is considered to be some of the highest in the nation; however, it is also renowned for its excellent weather. The climate is perfect for all types of outdoor activities – golfing, sightseeing, water skiing, hiking, fishing, and even bungee jumping! So, it is no wonder that Las Vegas has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

The town of Las Vegas Strip is just across the Southern Nevada Mountains from the Hoover Dam and is bordered by the world’s largest gambrel structure – the Stratosphere. A little south of town is the famous Venetian Resort & Casino. Situated right on the Strip, it is a five-star facility, the hotel overlooks the Strip and hosts some of the most prestigious shows in the world. The Venetian Resort & Casino is home to numerous casinos, including the Bellagio, the Monte Carlo and the Paris Las Vegas.

The downtown area of Las Vegas Strip houses all the other hotels and casinos of the Las Vegas Strip. The Venetian Resort & Casino is itself a spectacular sight to take in; its architecture is breathtaking, with the building towering high above the Las Vegas Strip. And yet, even amidst this stunning backdrop, the wealth of the Strip can be seen everywhere you look. The shops, restaurants, hotels, parks and even the famous “Strip Walk” make it a beautiful place to visit.

The other side of town from the Strip is Venetian’s Park. It is named after an Italian Renaissance architect, Luigi Vincenzo Perini, and is home to numerous monuments and exquisite gardens. The park was originally built as an addition to another ancient Italian city, but it is now maintained as part of las Vegas’ tourism. The main attraction here is the Santa Monica Pier, with its wonderful skyline of high-rise hotels and shopping malls – all a great stop off point for the Sin City Tour.

Another popular sight on the Strip is the Delano Hotel on Las Vegas Boulevard, a beautiful landmark that has been refurbished and redesigned to suit the tastes of today. It was originally built by a pair of Scottish businessmen in the late 1800s as a hotel and dance studio and has since changed hands several times. Over the years it has undergone several upgrades and is one of the best hotels in the United States. The hotel is owned by Las Vegas Sands Corp., which owns the majority share of the hotel and casino complex in the entire city.

The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino are yet another standout attraction in las Vegas’ most famous strip. Like many of the original resorts on the strip, it has undergone several revamps, additions and improvements, and is considered to be a classier resort than many of the other hotels in the city. One thing it does have, however, is a world-class pool, which you can enjoy during the summer months.

Finally, there are two more tourist destinations that are must visit for anyone who goes to las Vegas. The Silver Bullet Casino is a historic landmark in north las Vegas and is one of the most beautiful places to take in when you visit the area. The Venetian can’t be missed, and the Grand Canal is probably the best sightseeing stretch of road in the north of the city. Any of these must be seen when visiting this area, and any of these should be seen on your first trip to the south. No matter what you decide to do in Vegas, you are sure to find some unique spots that will capture your heart.