What Are the Best Hotels in Las Vegas?

what are the best hotels in las vegas

What Are the Best Hotels in Las Vegas?

If you’ve never stayed at a hotel in Las Vegas then you really should do so at least once. Las Vegas is a fantastic place to visit, one of the most famous cities in the world. In addition to the glitz and glamour of the gambling and entertainment shows that take place daily on the strip, Vegas offers some truly wild and crazy nightlife as well. As such there are a lot of different types of accommodations available to travelers in Las Vegas.

There are many hotels in Las Vegas that can make anybody feel like they have the best times of their lives. To find the best hotels in Las Vegas one needs to know what to look for. The first thing to consider when looking for a hotel in Las Vegas is what kind of location it is. There are some truly amazing hotels located right on the strip themselves.

One of the best hotels that one could stay at would be the Venetian Resort and Spa on the south side of town. Here one can find all kinds of spas and health clubs. This hotel is actually one of the oldest on the strip and has a very nice view of the Strip. The Venetian is one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas but it is also one of the best. It was even featured on a famous episode of “Welcome Back Kotter” where John Goodman stayed at the Venetian.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel is one of the newest hotels in Las Vegas. While it may not have the same appeal as the Venetian or the Paris Hotel, it is one of the best nonetheless. The hotel features suites that are designed to be really individualized. Guests can choose whether they want a penthouse on the top floor or one with just a single bedroom on the lower level. With amenities including cable TV, Internet access and a fitness facility, this is one of the best suites at the hotel.

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Hotel is one of the top luxury resorts in Las Vegas. At this hotel guests can experience ultimate privacy. This hotel overlooks the Las Vegas Strip and is one of the best value hotels in Las Vegas. The rooms feature excellent views of the Strip and there is a spa on the site for guests who need a little R & R. The service is first rate at this hotel and rooms are among the best you will find anywhere.

Monte Carlo Las Vegas Hotel is a five star luxury resort that is among the best you will find anywhere in Las Vegas. The hotel features an award winning hospitality and is near some of the best shopping in town. Guests can dine at one of the restaurants and choose from one of the fine dining establishments. All inclusive is the price guests will never forget.

MGM Grand Las Vegas Hotel is known as the Las Vegas Casino Hotel and is one of the most popular Las Vegas Hotels in the world. The hotel features an impressive architecture and beautiful accommodations. All of the rooms feature fantastic views of the Strip as well as fine accommodations.

Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is one of the best Las Vegas Strip hotels. The hotel offers excellent food and Las Vegas style ambience. All of the guestrooms are well appointed with flat screen televisions and cable/ broadband Internet in every room. The casino offers a great all-inclusive Las Vegas vacation for families and couples alike. This is one of the best hotels in Nevada.