What Bars Are Open in Las Vegas Right Now?

If you are planning to visit Las Vegas soon then you should know that when the “heat” gets turned up, what bars are open in Las Vegas right now can get very busy. It has become a popular destination for celebrities, actors and other high profile visitors who like to mingle with the celebrities and take in the glitz and glamor of this amazing city. Even if you just want to check out the fun and excitement, Las Vegas has many great night life spots that will make your trip worthwhile. Here’s a look at some of the most popular bars and nightclubs, as they are known in Vegas.

what bars are open in las vegas right now

House Drink (aka Red Light) – This is one of the most popular late night clubs in Vegas. Red Light is located on Lincoln street right across from the Venetian Hotel and Casino. They serve many different types of drinks and have an all-you-can-eat buffet every night starting at around midnight. This club has been featured on numerous television shows including CNN.

The Roxy – This is a high end club that is popular with celebrities and the rich and famous in Las Vegas. They have dance floors and special rooms for weddings and proms. Their drinks and food are expensive and the view is spectacular. The bar itself is worth the price and it can get very busy during special events.

House Rocker – This is another club that is popular among celebrities and the rich and famous in Las Vegas. The House Rocker club is open late and offers many specials. They have special nights that feature different music, but all the music that you would expect from a casino. There are always hundreds of people inside at any given time and enjoying the entertainment that is provided by this club.

The Social – This is another bar that is popular with celebrities and the rich and famous. It is located in the Venetian hotel. The Social is host to some of the best parties in town. Their drink deals can be insane and their prices are rather steep. However, if you are willing to spend a little bit extra then you will be able to enjoy some of the best drinks in town as well as a great view of the Strip.

The Social – It is not known for it’s drink deals, but they do offer a very nice buffet spread. This club is host to many popular parties throughout the year. The band that plays here is phenomenal. They play at many top spots in Vegas including The Las Vegas Racquet Club, Bellagio, Venetian Hotel and suites. The Social has been featured on many television shows and it’s expected that this will continue to be a hit club moving forward.

The Roxy – If you love to dance then the Roxy is for you. This is another bar that is open all night long. They serve many of the same drinks that The Social does, but they also have some other interesting things on offer. There are dance clubs, Pool tables, some great lounge music and they often have specials that include bottles of champagne. Some of the girls here are over thirty years old.

These are just some of the top spots in Las Vegas where you can go to see what bars are open in Las Vegas right now. Of course, there are hundreds more throughout the city. But, when you are looking for a fun place to drink with your friends and have a good time, you need to keep your eyes open for what is happening in Vegas. You will soon be finding out just how great Las Vegas is for nights out on the strip. Don’t miss out on your chance to take in the show!