What Hotels Allow Dogs in Las Vegas?

If you have a dog in Las Vegas, you know that many hotels allow pets, but not all of them do. Most places in Las Vegas, even the top ones, do not allow pets at all, since gambling and alcohol have always been a problem for people who own dogs. However, the laws in Vegas have changed, and now it is much easier for you to bring your furry (or scaly) friends along with you into the glamorous Sin City.

Some hotels actually say that they do allow pets, but you really have to ask. To be safe, you should call before making a reservation. Also check out your hotel’s website, since they usually list their rules for the rooms that they own. There may be additional rules, and if so, those too should be found and read up on. If you have a special dog, you might even be able to get a room that is specially designed for your pet.

Unfortunately, some hotels do not allow dogs, since they are known to carry parasites and can be very dangerous. Even if they do not carry any guests, they may still have strict rules about the amount of times that dogs are allowed in the lobby. The problem with this is that some dogs become bored or restless when they are constantly being pampered. They may start to whine, or bark incessantly.

Some hotels will also try to avoid dogs by having “no pets allowed” signs. This basically sends a clear message to any dog owner that they are not welcome in that particular hotel. You can avoid these problems by calling ahead of time or by looking online for a hotel that does allow pets. You may even be able to find a list of hotels that do allow dogs at the front desk. It’s definitely worth a few extra minutes of research to make sure that your dog is going to be able to stay in the hotel that you choose.

If you are traveling with a large dog or multiple dogs, you should consider the size of the hotel and see if they offer pet friendly rates. This will give you the opportunity to get your money’s worth from your trip. Even if you do not bring pets, you may want to find out what the rates are for having small dogs allowed in the hotel. Most Las Vegas hotels will have information about what hotels allow dogs in their rooms.

While many hotels do allow dogs, there are some that do not. Of course, the higher end hotels will not allow them because they have a high cost of living and they do not want to lose money on their investment. However, you can avoid some of the hotels that do not allow pets by looking into the rooms. See how many beds are available and how big the beds are. Obviously, if you have a large dog or multiple dogs, you will need larger and more expensive rooms. For a family, you can save up to 50% by booking up several rooms at discount prices.

Finally, you should ask how long you are going to be able to stay at the hotel and find out what special accommodations they offer to people with pets. Some hotels will offer kennel packages for two weeks, while others will give you a special area to store your pets while you are staying there. As well, some hotels will offer you coupons or other perks to help you enjoy your Las Vegas trip even more with your pets.

Once you have looked into all of these factors, you will then be ready to book your reservations. You will probably have a list of questions that need to be answered before your reservation is finalized. Take the time to call the hotel and find out what options they offer for pets. Then, take the time to review what the rooms look like and to make sure you are comfortable with the layout of your room. Taking these steps will help ensure that your Las Vegas trip is the best possible experience for you and your pets.