What to See in Las Vegas

what to see in las vegas

What to See in Las Vegas

What to see in Las Vegas is often a question asked by travelers, hoteliers, sightseers, and curious minds from across the country. The vibrant, exciting, modern city that is Las Vegas is all about is hard to describe. You will see it for yourself if you come to Las Vegas. When it comes to what to see in Las Vegas, there are literally hundreds of places to visit. But, here are just a few to start with. After that I have lots more ideas to give you as I tour the city.

The Venetian Bell Towers, or T NV as it is commonly referred to, are some of the best architectural wonders in all of the world. The distinctive spires rise up to a majestic peak almost miraculously. It is a must that you take time out to stand at the top and take in the magnificent views. This tower is also home to many shops, restaurants and other attractions. The top is actually seven stories, although only four are actual spires making this a breathtaking site to view from the comfort of your hotel suite.

If you like action, then the Las Vegas Strip is an absolute must see. There are five main Las Vegas Strip hotels, all of which boast their own restaurants and other retail stores. The Flamingo Hotel, one of the loveliest old hotels in all of America, is located right on the Strip. It is one of the best Las Vegas Hotels to visit.

A must for all visitors to Las Vegas is the Grand Canal. There is a live band on duty nightly to entertain you. The music is composed of exotic instruments interspersed with live performances by the finest professional musicians in town. During the daytime hours you can watch over the canal from the observation deck located on the observation level of the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Or you can see it from the comfort of your balcony. Either way you will see the remarkable work of art that makes the Grand Canal one of the most famous public works of art in America.

You may want to visit one of the great attractions of Las Vegas; the Fountains at the Bellagio. This is one of the nicest places to be while in Las Vegas. One of the best features of this casino is the Fountains. They contain a waterfall sound effect that is breathtaking. You can relax and enjoy the sounds as the water cascades down on you.

Another great attraction is without a doubt the Fountains at the Venetian. The first thing you will notice is the stunning architecture of the Venetian. This is one of the older buildings in town that has been beautifully preserved. Each fountain is a work of art in itself, designed beautifully with angles and curves and admirably reflecting the light from the setting sun.

One of the other must see locations is without a doubt the Fountains at the Bellagio. This place is magnificent and breathtaking. If you like to take in the show from the top of a high walkway, you can do so at sunset. There are lovely waterfalls here that will astound you with their beauty and cascading water sound. At certain times of the year there are special performances and shows that will allow you to have an even better view of the falls.

No other place on earth will you see such magnificent creatures as the resident Bison in Las Vegas. These majestic creatures come out of the Santa Fe Mountains and wander around the area looking for Bison. Some of these creatures are seen from the air or from the ground. You can find a great deal of information about these animals on the Internet. While you are on your vacation, don’t forget to take your camera so that you can take pictures of some of these amazing sights that only the Nevada area has to offer.