When Will Las Vegas Reopen Without a Security Plan in Place?

“When will Las Vegas reopen?” That’s the question many people ask as they look forward to visiting the world famous city. Although many celebrities visit this iconic gambling and entertainment mecca each year, it is not without controversy. For example, Hollywood actors Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis were barred from a reunion planned in January, 2021 because of problems with the United States government concerning their entry into the country. As a result of their visas being revoked, Stallone and Willis had to cancel their tour. The two actors were traveling to Cuba in an attempt to celebrate Sylvester Stallone’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

when will las vegas reopen

The opening of the casinos in Las Vegas is still some three months away. In fact, the first few days of the new season haven’t even been announced yet. The entire process has been pushed back due to numerous delays. The reason for the delays is due to the lack of an adequate staff to operate the casinos around the clock. The lack of workers means the casinos will not be open on certain dates.

Many people are concerned that once the doors to these casinos open, there will be major increases in crime as criminal organizations from other states are drawn to Las Vegas as a tourist destination. There have been recent high-profile crimes committed by criminals who traveled to Vegas and got caught near the strip. Some of these crimes were in direct result of having poor social Distancing habits.

The inability to have an uninterrupted flow of people in and out of the casinos has been the cause of much concern by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. After all, with the increase of crime, how will the crime rates get any lower? The lack of staff and the poor management of the facilities. All this has resulted in the MVD expressing their frustration with the lack of social Distancing guidelines for the entire city. They recently sent a letter to the state of Nevada, demanding that the implementation of the SMART protocol be implemented immediately.

The MVD did not stop there however. The MVD is now calling on the Gaming Industry Association of Nevada to come up with a plan to insure the public safety in and around the casinos when they reopen. The Gaming Industry Association of Nevada met with Governor Brian Sandoval’s office to discuss the proposal. The Gaming Industry Association of Nevada proposed a plan to supply law enforcement officers with body armor when necessary and also to outfit all law enforcement personnel with wearable video cameras. Additionally, they suggested that all gaming employees wear face shields and masks at all times when on duty.

When will Las Vegas reopen without the MVD’s request? Well, it’s possible that they are pushing for this now so that the casinos can get a head start on their public relations campaign. This is because the MVD just wants the law passed so that they can have free reign to implement whatever their agenda may be once the casinos are open. Unfortunately, the MVD is playing the victim card right now. They do not want to see the law enacted because if it passes, they lose all their power and authority over the casinos. If they allow the casinos to reopen without the MVD’s request, the MVD will have no power or jurisdiction over the gaming facilities.

When will Las Vegas reopen without a security plan in place? The MVD just wants to make sure that everything is in order before the reopens so that the casinos can prepare for the influx of customers and guests that are anticipated. Without the security measures being in place, the MVD cannot ensure the safety of their patrons and clients. They believe that if the casinos do not implement a security plan that they are not legally allowed to make money off of gambling addicts.

So, when will las Vegas reopen without a security plan in place? Well, I am pretty sure that the MVD is hoping that we don’t find out that they had a hand in setting up the JV with the casinos after the MVD took control over the casinos. Please consider this.