Where to Stay in Las Vegas

where to stay in las vegas

Where to Stay in Las Vegas

When it comes to hotels in Las Vegas, you can choose from many wonderful options. Some are even within walking distance of the strip; others are right down the road and some are a short distance from the Bellagio or the Venetian. Some of the most popular hotels are located along the famous Las Vegas Strip.

One of the best places to stay in las Vegas when it comes to choosing accommodation is at the Venetian. The Venetian is right on the Las Vegas Strip and has a fantastic view of the Strip as well as most of the gambling and show shows that are nightly. There are many luxurious hotels here such as the Bellagio and the Venetian and these are some of the more expensive hotels in Vegas. However, there is a quieter area of the Venetian that is less expensive and much more comfortable than the other luxury hotels. It is also conveniently close to all the other Las Vegas attractions.

If you want to see some of the other attractions in las Vegas, the Venetian may be too far for you to take in. However, there are other great options close to the Strip that include the Riviera Hotel, Sahara Hotel and the Bellagio. All of these offer some wonderful views of the Strip and all the other gambling and shows that are nightly on the Strip. Tourists coming to Vegas and staying at one of these luxurious hotels are spoilt for choice with so much to do and see. In addition to the shows and gambling, tourists often find that the food in Vegas is some of the best in the world.

The other best places to stay in las Vegas for tourists are along the famous Las Vegas Boulevard. This stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard runs from the Venetian to Mandalay Bay and is perhaps the most famous part of town. On this stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard, you will find some of the finest restaurants, shopping malls and shows in the entire city. Many of the hotels on this strip are some of the best in the world. The view from here is breathtaking and the restaurants and shops are usually bustling with tourists as they come into town for a weekend or an extended vacation.

The southern part of the Strip is also popular with tourists who travel to las Vegas each day for work or pleasure. Known as “the corner of the strip”, this neighborhood consists of one huge strip mall and five smaller neighborhood shopping areas. Most visitors to las Vegas come to these locations to purchase just a few things while they are on their way to the main strip or to walk down the Las Vegas Strip.

Just across the street from the Stratosphere Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in las Vegas, the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. The hotel itself is gorgeous and is often compared to some of the ritziest resorts in the world. The hotel is a long-term tenant of the now bankrupt Stratosphere. It was built in 1966 and has been a steady source of excellent service all along the years. The Paris Las Vegas Hotel is very close to the original site of the Stratosphere, which is why the two are so easily close in proximity. They are also less than a mile away from the airport, which makes this location perfect for tourists who are flying into Las Vegas and want to be right in the middle of this wonderful resort town.

One of the most famous locations to stay in las Vegas is also the oldest part of town, the Las Vegas Strip. For tourists and people who live here, the strip is a beautiful sight to behold. It is known for its high quality of hotels, shows, restaurants and gambling. The Las Vegas Strip is also known for being one of the most famous sites for shows on television, especially Dancing with the Stars.

If you would like to see the most famous part of the city, the North Strip, then you should take a quick trip out-of-town to Boulder City, Wyoming. While in Boulder City, you should definitely stop in at the legendary T&S Motel. This hotel offers rooms and suites that are close to the action, but they aren’t as posh as the hotels that are on the Las Vegas Strip or the north strip. If you are a fan of the Colorado Springs show “The Dead Zone,” this is the hotel that you want to stay in while visiting las Vegas.