Which Las Vegas Hotels Have Airport Shuttles to Get You to Your Flight?

When you are planning a vacation to Las Vegas, one of the most important aspects is how convenient you think you will be able to get to and from your hotel. You want to be able to walk to the airport and your hotel and not spend hours trying to get where you need to go. When you book a hotel in Vegas, there is one thing you can count on: Almost every hotel will provide airport shuttles for you. The nice thing about a hotel’s shuttle service is that it will almost always take you to the airport you need to go to. That means you do not have to waste time or gas rifling through the other hotels’ parking lots before you can get where you need to go.

which las vegas hotels have airport shuttles

There are some hotels, however, that do not offer airport shuttle service. If this is the case with your hotel, you may want to consider asking for a discount or looking for a discount hotel. There is no reason why a quality hotel should cost you more than it has to. Many of the discount hotels that will take you to the airport also offer shuttle service. This makes it even better because you do not have to waste time or gas using the taxi cab services that are usually provided by the hotel.

You want to make sure that you check out the hotels near the airport which provides the best deals. You want to book a room close to the entrance so you can easily walk to the airport and jump on the flight which will land shortly after you take off. You will want to make sure that the hotels which have shuttles available to them have rooms available that accommodate your entire group. The last thing you want to do is arrive at your hotel late and realize that your travel party cannot get to their room. It is always better to be able to walk to the entrance and get into your room quickly when you arrive.

Another important consideration is the size of the rooms in these hotels. You do not want to be stuck in a two room hotel if you have a large group. The rooms in these hotels tend to be very large and some of them look like they could sleep nine people! You want to make sure that the room you choose has multiple beds, so your group will have an extra bed to sleep on during the nights of the plane.

The location of these hotels is important as well. You want to make sure that you are within walking distance to all of the activities which are located at the airport which will make your Las Vegas vacation all the more enjoyable. There is no reason why you should have to drive for one hour to get to the casino or to catch a ride with a friend who is flying in from New York. These hotels are close to all of the action and they are close enough to get to all of the casinos. The benefit of these hotels is that you can find cheap accommodation at a great price. When you book a hotel at one of these locations, you may even find a discount if you book through an online travel agency.

If you are a business traveler then you will likely want to get a hotel closer to the airport because it will be easier for you to get to work. You may also be able to save money by getting a cheaper room. Just because you have a high rating does not mean that you are going to get top dollar rates. Some of these hotels will give you the best rates if you book early, a week or two ahead. This way you can guarantee yourself that you get to your destination on time.

You may want to check into one of the suites if you are planning to stay at one of these hotels. There are sometimes separate suites that will give you more space in your room. The convenience of having everything you need right in your suite is a great benefit. You will have a separate bathroom, kitchen, and living area.

Be sure that you read reviews about any hotel you are thinking of staying at before making the reservation. These reviews are usually written by other guests who have already checked in at the hotel. They can give you a lot of insight into which Las Vegas hotels are the best choice. Be sure to check into the Internet for plenty of information about the hotels that are near the airport as well. This will make your trip to Las Vegas much more enjoyable.